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Post by FusTinG on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:39 pm

Firefall was a science fiction free-to-play massive multiplayer online open world shooter by Red 5 Studios which was released on July 29, 2014.[1] Officially announced September 8, 2010 at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle,[2] the game entered closed beta in 2011[3] and open beta in 2013.[4] It was the first game to be developed by Red 5 Studios,[5] and combines elements from both the shooter genre and some role-playing aspects from the massive multiplayer online genre.[6] The game was shut down on July 7, 2017.[7]

Firefall logo.png
Developer(s) Red 5 Studios
Publisher(s) Red 5 Studios
Designer(s) Scott Youngblood
Scott Rudi
Writer(s) Scott Burgess
Mark Kern
Orson Scott Card
Tim Macauley
Sean Chapman
James B. Jones
Richard Pearsey
Composer(s) Michael Bross
Boon Sim
Engine Offset Software Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
WW: July 29, 2014
Genre(s) Massively multiplayer online
First-person shooter
Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Gameplay Edit

Classes Edit
Players wear power armor, called Battleframes, that grants health regeneration, jump jets, and a retractable pair of wings that allows players to glide. Each Battleframe has a unique main weapon, a standard secondary weapon, a set of three unique abilities, and a fourth special ability that charges while the player is in combat. There are five main types of Battleframes:

Area damage raider whose abilities focus on movement and damage as opposed to defense or support.
Combat medic that can use its weapons and abilities to heal friendly players or poison hostile ones.
Heavily armored tank whose main weapon is used to apply suppressive fire and whose abilities are largely defensive.
Combat engineer that can use its abilities to deploy turrets and shields, support friendly players, and hold fixed positions.
Single-target damage sniper whose abilities focus on stealth and support in the form of damage and ammo boosts.
The player begins with the standard issue version of each of the five types of Battleframes, and can change between them freely. Players level up by completing missions and collect equipment from downed enemies to further enhance their Battleframe's attributes or to add entirely new features to their weapons and abilities. Upon fully leveling their Battleframe, the player is awarded a token that allows them to unlock an Advanced Battleframe with additional specialized weapons and abilities.[8]

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Firefall (video game) Empty Re: Firefall (video game)

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