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Post by Admin on Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:58 am

here some rules must be followed in forum ! :

Posts and topics must be in English*. Google translator is allowed.
Follow the main forum and community rules:

Follow Signature rules
No disrespecting;
No insulting members or administrators;
No racism;
No pornography;
No spamming;
No caps lock texts;
No double posting;
No advertising;
No creating threads in the wrong section;
No posting of undesirable software;
No impersonating;
No multi-accounting;
No illegal applications;
No Thread on other language (English only Allowed or ir's allowed in specified themes)*;
No judging owners for their work;
If you're disagree with some Staff Member make sure to report him in the right section using the right format.
No adding a player to a poll suggestion without their opinions
No linking to adult content, advertising.

If anyone break rules will result ban or warn on Forum.

Thank you.

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