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Post by FusTinG on Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:24 pm

The sport differs in a number of ways from the internationally known game of North American baseball.

Delivery of the ball – The ball is thrown underarm, similar to softball. As in cricket the delivery is known as bowling. In North American baseball it is delivered overhand, sidearm, or underarm and is called pitching.
Number of players – There are 11 players in a team with no substitutions allowed. North American baseball is played by nine players at a time, and while substitutions are allowed, a player who leaves the game may not re-enter it.
Number of innings – (Note that British baseball uses the cricket terminology of "innings" as both singular and plural, while baseball uses "inning" for the singular.) In British baseball, each team has two innings. An innings ends when all 11 players are either dismissed or stranded on base. A regulation game of North American baseball consists of nine innings, and each team's half of an inning ends when three outs (dismissals) are recorded.
Bases – the bases are designated by poles rather than bags.
Bat – the bat has a flat striking surface, where in North American baseball it is entirely round.
Scoring system – In British baseball a player scores a run for every base he/she reaches after hitting the ball. He or she will not subsequently score when moving around the bases on another player's hit. The equivalent of a home run scores four runs. As in cricket a bonus run can be awarded for excessively-wide deliveries. In North American baseball, a player scores a run only on a successful circuit of all four bases, whether on his own or another player's hit, or by other means such as a walk or stolen base.
Field of play – The ball can be hit (and scored off) in any direction, where in North American baseball it has to be hit in the zone bounded by the lines to first base and third base.

Despite these similarities with cricket, the game is much more like North American baseball in style and operates on a near identical, but smaller, diamond. There are also many similarities to rounders, which is often considered a transitional game between cricket and baseball. The basic concepts of British baseball cross-blend the basic concepts of cricket and the more standard versions of rounders.

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British baseball Empty Re: British baseball

Post by Hari. on Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:41 pm


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