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Let's try Indian food! Today we have an Indian food taste test here in London trying Indian food because we like to try Indian food when in London because it's one of my fav things to do. We're looking for spicy Indian curry but we don't get any, it's just not spicy enough so this might be the end of my Indian cuisine exploration in London and I might have to go straight to India to get try real Indian food. Did I mention I love trying Indian food?

This is sorta one of those Americans try Indian food type videos but it's also Canadians taste test Indian food and a Belgian gent for that matter. So basically an international crew trying real Indian food.

Lots of dishes such as Indian pompodon, some spicy chicken tikka, naan bread, jasmine rice and some boar vindaloo Indian curry. We over ordered, eat it all and had a good time, another adventure in Indian cuisine trying Indian food here in London, England. If you haven't already, highly recommend you do your own Indian food taste test at some point soon or at least try some Indian food.

Why you need to try Indian food now

Tiring of the same old standbys when it comes to eating out? Add some spice to your life by trying Indian food. From the humble pompodon to chicken tikka masala, there are a wide variety of dishes you can have thanks to this exotic South Asian cuisine.

In this article, we'll share a few tips that will allow you to have an Indian taste test involving dishes that will get you started on a culinary love affair.

There are plenty of spicy dishes

Bored to tears of meals that are hopelessly bland? Indian dishes like chicken tikka masala often come out of the kitchen with a kick that will leave your mouth and tongue in a gentle state of warmth for hours afterward.

Indeed, a big selling point of Indian curry is not that it is just tasty, but that it provides a dose of heat that will excite those wanting to try real Indian food.

Don't stop at spicy Indian curry, though – there are many amazing dishes when it comes to Indian cuisine. Tandoori chicken, naan, aloo, vindaloo, samosas – with countless regions comprising the Indian Subcontinent, the variety of food on offer will make your head spin.

When tasting Indian food, don't make it a one shot deal, as it is impossible to get a handle on what Indian cuisine by eating at a single restauarnt.

Make sure you get it as hot as the locals

If you are going to try Indian food taste test and you aren't Indian, there's a good chance the wait staff will fill the cooks in on this fact. Knowing this, they will ease up on the spice, giving you less of an authentic experience.

This happens a lot when Americans try Indian food or when Canadians try Indian food, so if you want to try real Indian food, so you need to be aware of this fact.

While a pompodon isn't supposed to be spicy, many other dishes should make you feel the heat when you eat them during an Indian food taste test.

When the waiter/waitress takes your order, make it abundantly clear you are trying Indian cuisine in an authentic manner.

When the average Canadian taste test Indian food, there is a lot of hesitance on the part of the restaurant to make the food with a 'normal' level of spiciness, as this can have a negative effect on their rating on sites like Yelp and Urban Spoon.

Be insistent on this matter, though, and they will apply the same amount of spice they would when making an Indian curry for a fellow citizen.

While this level of heat might be a shock to you at first, this is you will learn how Indian food taste rather than being fooled like all the others who are trying Indian food for the first time.

Sample meals from across the Indian Subcontinent

As mentioned earlier, Indian cuisine varies from north to south, west to east. For example, Pubjabi food differs a great deal from Goan food.

Before you sit down for your India food taste test, get ideas from sources such as Wikipedia (tip: Google 'Indian cuisine') and Indian friends, and then book reservations at local restaurants who specialize in specific types of Indian food.

Throughout your journey, you might end up having spicy curry from the state of Odisha, tandoori chicken of Punjab, or a plate of thali from Rajasthan.

At the end of your Indian food taste test foreigners, you will appreciate one of the world's greatest cuisines in the way locals experience it everyday.

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